At Statesman, we combine a comprehensive array of analytical tools, technical expertise, real-world experience, and a commitment to superior customer service in delivering well-documented financial analyses and third-party valuation opinions for companies of all sizes operating in a wide variety of industries. We routinely provide valuations for structuring buy/sell agreements, redeeming shareholder interests, reorganizing family businesses, dispute analysis, litigation support, estate planning and structuring ESOPs.

Financial and Lending Services

  • Structuring buy/sell agreements
  • Redeeming shareholders’ interests
  • Determining tax liabilities
  • Structuring ESOPs
  • M&A transactions
  • Reorganizing family-owned businesses
  • Determining the value of intangible assets and intellectual property (SFAS 142)
  • Purchase price allocation (SFAS 141)
  • Determining the value of family limited partnerships & limited liability companies
  • Determining the value of professional practices and practice ownership interests
  • SBA loan valuations
  • Closely held stock valuations for family wealth planning and estate tax compliance
  • Business valuations for corporate restructurings and related tax planning
  • Executive stock option valuations for tax planning
  • Business & intangible asset valuations in connection with Subchapter S tax status
  • Establish valuation / earn-out mechanisms
  • Resolve valuation disputes
  • Multiple appraiser exercises
  • “Fair value” controversies under various state laws
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Tax-related controversies
  • ESOP matters and other ERISA-related disputes involving valuation issues
  • Analysis of complex business issues from a valuation perspective
  • M&A related disputes / litigation
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