Statesman is Pleased to Announce the Following Promotions and Additions

HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 12, 2022) – Statesman is pleased to announce the following Investment Banking & Lender Services personnel promotions, each of whom has made solid contributions to the success and growth of Statesman.

Jessica Seff 

to Director, Investment Banking

David Carrasco

to Director, Investment Banking

Peter Chiu

to Director, Investment Banking (Analytics)

Philip Rodriguez

to Vice President, Investment Banking

Nathan Hurst

to Senior Associate, Investment Banking

Cade Cyr

to Senior Credit Associate, Lender Services

Additionally, we will have a new Investment Banking Analyst joining Statesman – Sam Cancienne. Sam was most recently with a prominent commercial bank where he was an Analyst and Relationship Manager for the past two years. Sam is a 2020 graduate of Louisiana State University, where he earned a B.B.A. in Finance.

Sam Cancienne

to Analyst, Investment Banking