Minority Recapitalization

The Challenge:

The sole owner of a privately held industrial cleaning service company needed to start planning for retirement.

Statesman’s Value Add:

  • Exclusive sell-side M&A advisor to the Company
  • Familiarity with sophisticated investors in the industrial, petrochemical, and refinery space
  • Capital sourcing through strategic, global contacts in the industry
  • Multiple structures modeled out and explored in a team environment
  • Negotiated purchase price and terms of the ultimate agreement
  • Assisted in due diligence and closing

The Solution:

Successful minority recapitalization with a reputable private equity firm.

The Impact:

The minority recapitalization effected by Statesman allowed the Company’s founder to remain a majority shareholder and Company CEO while also being able to access capital for personal financial planning needs as well as growth capital for the business.

“Their ability to assist with the required capital sourcing, negotiations, and due diligence was immeasurable.”

Minority Recapitalization
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