Industry Consolidation of High-End Building
Materials Company

The Challenge:

Founded in 1926, the Company, owned and operated by the founder and his children, was interested in strategic growth options.

Statesman’s Value Add:

  • Exclusive buy-side advisor to the Company
  • Explored a range of potential target companies to purchase
  • Capital sourcing through strategic commercial financing relationships
  • Negotiated purchase price and terms of the ultimate agreement with the target company
  • Ensured that no regulatory approvals were necessary
  • Assisted in due diligence and closing

The Solution:

Successful purchase of another local company in the same industry.

The Impact:

The industry consolidation that occurred as the result of the transaction allowed the new, larger Company to exert more pricing and sourcing power in order to effect better financial outcomes for ownership and employees.  All employees of the target company remained with the business post-transaction.

“Statesman’s help in managing the deal while respecting the various wishes of each family member was invaluable.”

Industry Consolidation of High End Building Materials Company
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