Statesman Business Advisors - Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sell-Side Representation

Through the implementation of a cohesive, well-developed and proprietary process tailored to each client, we help owners of leading middle-market businesses execute their exit strategy at the right time and at the best overall value the market will bear. Whether the ultimate buyer is strategic or financial, domestic or international, a familiar name or a previously unknown entity discovered through our exhaustive search capabilities, Statesman partners with you every step of the way to ensure a properly structured and successful transaction.

Buy-Side Representation

We work collaboratively with acquirers of middle-market businesses to evaluate opportunities, develop target lists, prioritize contacts, negotiate structure, raise capital, close the transaction, and assist with post acquisition integration. To ensure we meet your objectives and that the transaction has the highest probability possible of increasing shareholder value, we apply a thorough analytical approach to every engagement.

Management Buyouts, Recapitalizations & ESOPs

Many transaction alternatives exist that allow shareholders to monetize a portion of their illiquid private equity and diversify their holdings, yet retain the ability to participate in future capital appreciation. MBOs, Recaps, and ESOPs can all provide unique opportunities for change, while offering an attractive measure of consistency to both shareholders and companies. Statesman is an experienced intermediary that can assist in determining the feasibility of a transaction, developing an appropriate structure, negotiating the terms, and raising the necessary capital to drive a transaction to a successful conclusion.

Special Situations

Managing the sale of a distressed business requires a unique set of problem solving skills and experience in dealing with lenders, creditors, and potential bankruptcy matters. Our hands-on approach allows us to dig into the issues and determine the priorities and challenges that need to be addressed quickly and decisively in order to move forward. We thoroughly evaluate the strategic alternatives and commit the necessary resources to deal with the sudden changes that routinely occur during the course of a troubled transaction, allowing management to focus on operations and avoid potential pitfalls before they become deal killers.