Statesman Business Advisors - Financial Services

Financial Services

Business Valuations

At Statesman, we combine a comprehensive array of analytical tools, technical expertise, real-world experience, and a commitment to superior customer service in delivering well-documented financial analyses and third-party valuation opinions for companies of all sizes operating in a wide variety of industries within North America. We routinely provide valuations for structuring buy/sell agreements, redeeming shareholder interests, reorganizing family businesses, dispute analysis, litigation support, estate planning and structuring ESOPs.

Corporate & Financial Reporting Services

  • Structuring buy/sell agreements
  • Redeeming shareholders’ interests
  • Determining tax liabilities
  • Structuring ESOPs
  • M&A transactions
  • Reorganizing family-owned businesses
  • Determining the value of intangible assets and intellectual property (SFAS 142)
  • Purchase price allocation (SFAS 141)
  • Determining the value of family limited partnerships & limited liability companies
  • Determining the value of professional practices and practice ownership interests
  • SBA loan valuations

ESOP Services

  • Annual appraisals for Plan trustees
  • Financial advisory services for Plan trustees

Tax Compliance Services

  • Closely held stock valuations for family wealth planning and estate tax compliance
  • Business valuations for corporate restructurings and related tax planning
  • Executive stock option valuations for tax planning
  • Business & intangible asset valuations in connection with Subchapter S tax status

Transactional / Legal Support Services

  • Establish valuation / earn-out mechanisms
  • Resolve valuation disputes
  • Multiple appraiser exercises
  • “Fair value” controversies under various state laws
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Tax-related controversies
  • ESOP matters and other ERISA-related disputes involving valuation issues
  • Analysis of complex business issues from a valuation perspective
  • M&A related disputes / litigation

Strategic Advice

Throughout a company’s life cycle, issues and opportunities arise where choosing the most appropriate strategic alternative can have a material impact on shareholder value. We apply our extensive experience to assist our clients in evaluating alternatives and making the best strategic decisions at critical points in the development of their companies. By combining keen financial insight with the knowledge gained from guiding multiple firms through both periods of opportunity and challenge, Statesman can be an ideal strategic partner offering a very beneficial objective perspective.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Statesman augments our clients internal budgeting and financial planning capabilities by developing innovative and comprehensive financial models that assist clients in developing flexible forecasts with state-of-the art scenario analysis including fully integrated income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Our modeling services have been used in routine budgeting, strategic forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, capital sourcing and restructuring.